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Installation Guide

Installing your detectable underground warning tape is simple and an effective safety measure to implicate in the early stages of planning. If you would like to learn about the specification and manufacture of our detectable underground warning tape click here.

Here is our step by step guide to the installation of your underground detectable warning tape. Please note that conditions may differ depending upon the job at hand.

This is an illustrated guide for reference only.


Step 1

It is recommended that you install the tape no more than 30cm below ground level.
Leaving a gap between the pipe/cable of approx 30cm again.

Step 2

Unroll the detectable tape onto the backfill in the cable trench
or utility trench ensuring that it is earthed at both ends.

Step 3

Join the wires or cut lengths of the tape using crimps.

Step 4

Backfill the trench further to the surface.

Step 5

The detectable tape can be detected up to 30-40cm below the ground level.

Step 6

Please consult your device manufacture/handbook for further details
of the exact depth your equipment can locate to for maximum result.

Click below to download a printable version of the step by step guide.

Typical uses

  • Underground electrical cables

  • Telecom and fibre optic cables

  • Water and sewage pipelines

  • Gas pipelines

  • Oil pipelines

We can also design and manufacture bespoke custom layouts, just get in

touch for a quote.

Need a quote?

We aim to assist with all bespoke orders and their requirements


Here are some of the benefits to using detectable underground warning tape:

  • High grade low density polyethylene polymers

  • Resistant to most soil types including alkaline and acidic soils

  • Printed with lead free pigments

  • Detectable up to 30cm below ground level

  • Custom manufacturing options to allow for company recognition

  • Extra safety precaution for workers

  • Reduces time wasting


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